Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello from the 48th NLAPW Biennial in Washington, DC

Evelyn Swensson Delivers Keynote Address at Music Luncheon
Talk about well attended!  Sandra Seaton Michel, Anna Bellinger and Mary Lou Griffin are attending the 48th NLAPW Biennial.   In addition to having 3 members at the event, Maria Keane and Barb Selby had their work accepted for exhibit, and on Saturday, Evelyn Swensson delivered a captivating and inspiring keynote address at the Music Luncheon and awards.

Anna, Mary Lou and Sandra at the 48th NLAPW Biennial

Branch President Mary Lou Griffin and Music Keynote Evelyn Swensson

Maria Keane's Summer Tempest, Honorable Mention
Barbara Selby, La Toya

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